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The Dark Side Of ~LOVE MAGIC

Love magic is tricky and Love magic can be risky. However the odds,...Love spells and "Bring my lover back" spell work is the most HIGHLY requested work as a spiritual worker.

From the girl who boyfriend has 20 kids and 15 baby mama's and her wanting to put a spell on him to make him "faithful". To The First Lady of church wanting to stop her Minister husband eyes from roaming the congregation and "ministering" to young women after hours in their homes after service. Everyone wants to have the upper hand when it comes to love and matters of the heart .Often times people forget frequency.... everything is energy.

As one side of the spectrum is Love,,,,, unconditional.... peaceful.... kind.... patience.

And on the other side is Hate ....... rage,,,, passion.... urgency,,,, desperation.

Do you really want to be with someone you constantly have to do a "Love Spell" on? Someone who doesn't value you ....someone who doesn't see you for the wonderful soul you are?

At what point do we turn to the man or woman in the mirror and take accountability ? I always say "Self Love is the BEST LOVE", Ima let you in on a little secret honey,,,,,

"Show yourself that love you are wanting to show to someone else and watch how it transforms your life."

Forreal, Forreal.

When you dont love yourself you are at risk to being hurt by others under the disguise of love .

Story Time ~ I must admit my earlier spellcasting days played a crucial key in how I conduct business now a days. There was this client who found Mama online and wanted Mama to help her to get more attention from her man, She was feeling neglected and missed the time they would share ,,,,, ect ect . Seems pretty easy right?

Mama does the work for the client.

The next month the client calls Mama with a update. "Mama...he's ALWAYS HOME... I cant stand it....we have begun to argue more over small things that get blown up to bigger things, I feel like he has become possessive because any time Im out with my friends he stay calling my phone asking when will I be home"?

Their once good and mild relationship turned into a prison of love. If it aint broke dont fix it.

You have to think about it ,... can you entertain someone constantly? How would react honestly if someone directed 100% of there time and attention on you, Every little thing you do they know,

That's to much if you ask me honey.

Ive heard of stories from other spiritual workers that tell of OBSESSION to the point of VIOLENCE. Crimes of passion are a real thing and its also a possibility when doing love work. Love work is very tricky and can go either way.

I personally never do Love work without a consultation where I consult my ancestors and the spirits to see what they say FIRST.

Love work can be a beautiful thing!!!

When done for the right reasons

What are your thoughts on Love magic?

Would you ever place magic on a lover?

Would you ever use magic to bring back a lover?

Would you ever use magic to attract new lovers?

Mama would love to hear your views!!!

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