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The path we take to being our best self can be a windy one. Full of up’s, downs, some bumps, and even dead ends; your spiritual fulfillment journey just like any other journey would be easier with navigation assistance.

Spiritual Advisor Mama Redd has become a trusted “GPS” to many with her work. Her Vibes with Mama Redd brand has built a foundation on assisting people on the journey to their enlightenment, using spirituality with a twist.  


Mama Redd is a third-generation conjurer that was taught the traditions of her ancestors from her childhood in Virginia. Her practices are based in traditional Hoodoo spirituality and have transcended past the normal tarot card session. 


Before her career as a celebrity spiritual advisor, Mama Redd was a celebrity nail tech and owned one of Charlotte, NC’s emerging black-owned nail salons. Her clients ranged from superstar Cardi B, gospel recording artist Koryn Hawthorne, and many more. While her nail business was booming, Redd noticed her abilities to give her clients insight into their lives they never knew they needed. Redd began to dig deeper into her practices and recount what she learned from her grandmother and aunts as a child. 


What started as a small additive to her salon, quickly became the groundwork to the Mama Redd brand. 


As a child Redd knew she was special. Her ability to see and communicate with spirits was quickly validated by those around her. Through her upbringing, Redd experienced some hardships with stints in the foster care system, but these instances pushed her to tune into herself and her abilities. 

While cosmetology was her first catalyst, Redd’s gifts have always been that of a healer and a vessel of insight. 

Her “no sugar coating” approach has turned her into a viral favorite with the receipts and testimonials to match.  


A significant part of Redd’s mission is her dedication to dispel the myths around spiritual practices and those who present it to the masses. She offers one on one consultations, services, and products that help her audience open the doorways to their own abilities. She educates the masses on the power of believing in themselves and being able to create their own reality. 


While there will never be a shortage of those who discredit or attempt to attack those who use non-conventional spirituality as a tool, there are just as many who have been able to call back an unshakeable power and strength with the help of those like Mama Redd. 


Through the veils of social media Mama Redd has been able to offer guidance and solace to those looking for assistance on their journey. The only items required for the ride are an open mind and an open heart. 

PHONE NUMBER: (980)361-5077

LOCATION: 2925 E Independence Blvd #201, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA


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