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Date like Lori Harvey

Hey Shug...

Many of you all know Mama recently did a celebrity reading on Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan...... (If you didn't see it refer to my IG lives where its saved)

I wanted to go back and points and tips that can help all the gurls with aligning ourselves with Lori's energy. Lets face its she is 23 and has dated some of the industries leading names such as P, Diddy.... Future ... Trey Songz and now Michael B Jordan.

Mama wants to tip her hat to this young playa .I decided to give a few tips on how to date like LORI.

These are a few tips on what I pickled up from reading her energy,


~ Rule number 1 Most important is Lori never outs her personal life or her relationships,

You NEVER Hear her name in drama or bad mouthing guy's she's dealt with.,,,

Lori keeps shit playa .... to embody her energy learn to talk less about your relationships,

When its over you always leave first and level up each time.

2,Lady in the streets FREAK in the sheets

~ I picked up that these men she's dated and dealt with on a romantic level ,,,, she tapped into their kinks and their fantasies. These wealthy men have some deep dark kinky stuff they are into .... it runs deep and its so dark sometimes that it will blow you mind. You gotta rock their worlds .

Are you willing to take it to the levels these men need you to go to keep them entertained?

Its been rumored that a few of these guys are bi sexual including P Diddy and Yes ,.,,, even Michael B Jordon. So you add two and two together,

Are you down with the get down? Hollywood has some strange secrets.

3,Dont be afraid to go for the MONEY.

~Alot of women would be bashed for only dating wealthy men but Lori only dates those with a bag ,,,period.,

No more dating down ..... we are dating our equals and better,

Lori wouldn't be caught dead with someone dusty unseasoned son.

As long as you are being realistic and hold your value ,,, invest in yourself and keep yourself on the up and up things will be just fine for you.

Dont forget to keep yourself in shape and avoid stress .... the younger and youthful you look and appear the more you are embodied the energy of the Siren ..... Lori Harvey.

4. Know how to conduct yourself in upper echelon circles.

(Know how to act around people with money... wealthy men of means)

Obviously its the clout of her dad and mom that's gotten Lori to where she is today, Lori has no businesses (that we know of) and has came from money ,,, She knows how to carry herself in certain circles.

Us on the other hands we might not have had the silver spoon in our mouths but we must carry ourselves like we belong in any and all positive wealthy environments.

Carry yourself like you belong .


5, Be a mans FUN GIRL

~ Sometimes we take things to seriously ,.,,,, when we come to a relationship we automatically start planning our weddings, asking for dates and times of your natal chart, asking their sign. You know the whole drill you put a men thru when yawl are just meeting.

The silent expectations.

The emotional weight.

Lori knows how to keep it fun. And when the fun is over its over, She moves on and that's that.

No subs.. no long IG post.... no warnings.

Ladies don't forget to have fun sometimes every man is not supposed to be your husband.

These are a few tips and tricks we can take from our good sister Lori Harvey.

Did any of these points give you life ?

Comment below would love to hear your thoughts honey,

Mama Redd.

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Unknown member
Jan 26, 2021

I love this so much! It's refreshing and offers a perspective no one has mentioned before. But you really will only gather this from Lori's energy because women rarely think about these things. They don't know how to rise to the occasion, how to not tell every secret to their girlfriends and how to just have fun and indulge themselves.


You know what you are on point with everything you mentioned. Also I learned when you don’t pressure a man (I.e.- marriage, babies, moving to fast, clingy) that helps too especially when it’s a new relationship. Men also like females to show some independence. But overall, great points Mama Redd !

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