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We have always been warned to watch who you lay down with ...who you have sex with,,, who you are intimate with. Alot of us know to watch out for sexual stds but what about spiritual STDS. What about the encounters we have with demons ? Have you ever encountered one?


SUCCUBUS : A female sex demon that attacks at night via dreams or via sexual encounters

INCUBUS : A male sex demon that attacks at night via dreams or via sexual encounters



Mama had her first encounter with a REAL sex demon a few years ago honey,

He was this fly ass older man with a nice ass car...nice ass home ... great job and a horse dick .


But when I sit and think about how things went down I was like ummmm hummmmm he was INCUBUS,

( You cant fool a witch)

When he met me he was on me like a moth to a flame ... like he did a bee line to me and he kept saying "Its something about your energy".

Now this older man was fine honey .... nice body on him and everything.

He was a Capricorn .... big boss enegy.

A few days goes bye and he wined and dined Mama but then it came time to get it on.

We ended up doing the do and it was good .... better than i expected..

It was weird because he LITERALLY growled while having sex with me .

I felt like his energy was draining mines I cant explain it ...

But I slept for days ... I was drained .... then the nightmares' begun.

I literally felt like things in my life started to fall apart … We stopped talking .It was what it was,

It later on came out in a reading afterwards he was indeed a sex demon who tried to latch on to Mama Redd thru sex.


From that day on I protected my energy in everyway,

Some of us might like these types of energies...YOU might even be one of these energies.

Mama just trying to put you onto the fact that these things EXSIST!

Some of us only felt these energies during the night... your in bed and sleeping then you feel like some thing was having sex with you.

Or better yet you wake up from having a SEX DREAM weather it be with someone you don't know in your dream or it be some one you are familiar with. Honey that was a demon, a spiritual entity.

Also these spirits can attack thru sleep paralysis which is another story on its own.

Mama say that to say this...... "PROTECT YOUR ENERGY....."

Succubus makes men have "wet dreams" ,,,,

Ive never encountered that spirit but men do often ... they normally attack men .

Have you ever ran into a energy similar a sex demon ?

Could you be a sex demon? (I think Offset has a incubus spirit on him as well but thats also another story for another day honey )

I would love to hear your story and comments.

Comment below .

~ Mama Redd🔮

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Unknown member
Oct 20, 2020

Well stated mama redd this is so real. I personally deal with this on a daily basis with my self. Which gets worse at night while sleeping. But I'm learning how to protect my energy. I'm going to read more on this. Thanks for sharing. Dee


I used to get sleep paralysis a lot......also would a sex demon pretend to be someone you know ....I had a very vivid erotic sex dream but it was with someone I was intimate with at the time. Would a sex demon shape shift to look like someone you knew? this got me trippin fr lol


Omg I can’t believe it and it’s so crazy cuz I’ve been seeing other posts about sex demons incubus and succubus all over Instagram for the past couple days. So Mama Redd the guy u was dealing with wasn’t a real

Person he was actually a demon in spirit or was he in the flesh? And if he was did he himself know he was incubus? This has me scared 🙏🏾🙏🏾


Unknown member
Oct 20, 2020

Okay this is a real thing 1,000,000 percent...I lived with someone that had a sex demon and I went to sleep one night and it tried to get me girl I burnt out the house I wasn’t sleeping told the person she needed to do something about that and when she did everything was fine

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