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Scorpio Season - BE READY FOR THE STING !

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Well you guys its the Scorpio season. Happy Birthday to all the Scorpios out there !!!

Scorpio season is "Knuck if you buck" energy !!!!

Its that I'll beat your ass energy ,,,its the deepest secrets coming to the surface .. its the old wounds getting opened up again.

This season will literally drag you by your edges !!!!!

With us being in the Scorpio energy AND with us being in Mercury Retrograde its a lot of harsh elements out here that we might be faced with lets get into what to expect this season .


Misunderstandings with others

Old relationship and old friendships that didn't work out,,,, on your mind

Emotional trauma from CHILDHOOD Resurface

Past Betrayals and current Betrayals

It is important to express this energy to purge it ,, don't be afraid as long as your coming from a genuine place ,

If you are not resonating with this energy. Stay out the way because its real in these spiritual streets !

Stay grounded and mind yo business honey!

How has Scorpio season been treating you so far?

Could you feel the shift of energy? Have you been noticing these things with people you are close to ?

I would love to hear your feedback!

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3 Kommentare

Unknown member
26. Okt. 2020

& here I am wondering why I’m ready tell people bout themselves 🙃🙃🙃🤣. This explains alot tho cause I always find myself thinking bout my old friendships around this time. Welppp!!! May these emotional traumas and bottled feelings be purged.... 😩

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
26. Okt. 2020

Very true. I’ve even said that on your life today I’m feeling very knuck if you buck very froggy very irritated/annoyed 😩😩😩

Gefällt mir

Ok Mama Redd I’m going to be watching 👀 my dramatic Scorpio sister , because the ancestors and you are always on point .

Gefällt mir
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